Golden Teacher – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

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$40.00 & Free Shipping

  Each Square: 0.58g X 6

  Total: 3.5g Dried Mushrooms

  Duration: 2-4 hrs

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Golden Teacher


Buy Golden Teacher – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar from a reputable Online Magic Mushrooms Dispensary  Some believe a specimen of the Golden Teacher was found growing wild in Florida, appearing first during the mid 1980’s.


3.5g Total Dried Ground Mushroom Golden Teacher chocolate bar with 6 pieces each containing 0.58 gram each square.


Visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive. Golden Teacher – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar for sale



70% Columbian Cacao, 30% Cane Sugar, 3.5g psilocybin.

Trip Report

Ingested 1.5 grams

“The initial sensation is comfortable and sensual. After lying on the bed, the magic mushrooms took more control of my body. I became weightless – the spirit has disconnected from the body. Without any restrictions in my thoughts and emotions, my mind brought me introspection about the various people in my life. As every person passed through his mind, he was able to become that person. He experienced the other person’s mental, emotional, and physical perspective.”

6 reviews for Golden Teacher – Psychedelic Chocolate Bar

  1. admin

    Fast service, excellent product.

  2. admin

    Like the mellow high

  3. admin

    A bit stronger potency than usual. I appreciate the price reduction very much. They’re healing people one by one. *One day everybody will be giving these away for free. I look forward to the time when false doctors cease to exist.

  4. admin

    Amazing experience. Was a deep spiritual time for my wife and I. We felt a deeper connection to our surroundings and each other. Came out of it very easy and relaxed and the rest of the day was amazing!

  5. admin

    I enjoyed using this product.

  6. admin

    Best quality / price ratio. Some strains are stronger, but this is good for everyone. Take more if you want a stronger experience.

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